Late Bloomer…Maybe??

Last year I wrote about being a “Late Bloomer”. (So I am finally finishing this post, and it has taken me forever to put my thoughts down.)  I mean I am 41 years old for goodness sake. How can I be a late bloomer?  Here is how I am a late bloomer: “I did not care” I didn’t see the need to put any effort into myself.  My motto was and still is take me as I am or you can leave, the door is always open and I didn’t think twice about letting someone know they can walk out that door and I would not care.  I felt your with me because of who I am not because of the way I dress or looked.  Even though they say most people are attracted to your looks at first then everything follows.  My “friends” always made fun of the way I dressed or would say I dressed like a boy or my favorite you would be your so pretty if you just did this or did that it would make a world of difference. (rolls eye) I did not want to be like everyone else and I still don’t.  My self-confidence has always been at 80% when it came to outer appearance.  The 20% that wears down on me is I am  not where I thought I would be in life, and you know what I am just fine with that feeling.  It means I need to stop procrastinating and start making moves.

I notice  most of my friends would go all out to get dress and do their makeup and was into fashion and things like that, but that wasn’t me.  They put that extra effort into how they looked.  The only thing I would do is my hair faithfully.  Every two weeks a wash and set with my hair dresser. I always wore jeans and sneakers and would wear it  every day if i could.  Since I have a 9 to 5 job I have to dress appropriately.   I was never into skin care or had regimes. Never!! I always felt you had to have a lot of money to pull the looks you wanted off.  I even did my own hair for a long time before I found my hair dresser.

Once you lose friends who bring out the worst in you and  you find new friends who bring out the best in you, you want to start to change.  My BFF (inside joke) told me I need to start taking better care of myself in different ways and she is still encouraging me to do so.  Even though our lives have changed dramatically since then, we still encourage one another to be the best that we can be. She doesn’t make me feel bad about myself, but she encourages me to feel better about myself.  She always told me go get your nails done or buy that shirt or get your eyebrows done, it will make you feel better.  I always said sure I will go, but  never went.  I rather stayed home and watch T.V. with a piece of chocolate cake.  I just was not into it.  I don’t know why and even to this day I still can’t explain why.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love looking at clothes and shoes.  I give it to everyone who can create a master piece out of a couple of articles of clothing.  When I see a picture of an outfit that I like I always say to myself, I wish I could put together an outfit like the one she has on.  I probably can do the same thing but my laziness and frustration gets in the way and I go back to my safety of jeans and sneakers.

I have no kids and I am single.  So there is no excuse why I don’t put effort into myself.  It is just plan laziness if that could be my reason.  When it is time for me to get dressed up and go to a wedding or a dressy function, I stress myself out so much that I get frustrated and give up.  A part of me feels that whatever I do will never be good enough in everyone else’s eyes.  I feel this way with everything that I do.  I feel like people are always passing judgement on how you look and act.  It is quite annoying honestly.  As they say only one person can pass judgement and he has not walked the earth in how many years.  So keep your judgmental, negative thoughts to yourself and stop bringing people down and start bringing people up.  Be kind to one another.

I am doing this post to say that everyone has their own way of expressing themselves.  Whether through fashion, hair make-up, blogging or whatever it is, just be true to yourself.  Allow others who encourage you to change your mind in a positive way.  Stay away from the negative and as long as you are comfortable with yourself then tell everyone else to go to hell.  ( I wanted to say another word but I promised my Mom I would stop cursing)














Hi everyone my name is Natasha and I am formally journeyto402016. Well that journey is over and I am officially 41.  I was born and raised in Queens, New York.  I am single, divorced and I have no children.  I decided to start my blog because I could not find women like me and the things that I like and that I am into.  Plus you can say I am a late bloomer so a lot of the things I see across  Social Media and blogs I have never done before, so I wanted to share my journey with you guys on my next chapter in life.  I am still new to blogging so I am going to take you guys along for the good times and the bad times, plus share somethings I think can be useful.

I didn’t realize how much work blogging and keeping up your social media accounts are, but I want to be successful at this and I hope all of you who choose to follow me will enjoy it as I much as I do.  Enjoy!!

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Second Trip to Jamaica 2017 Iberostar Grand Rose Hall Montego Bay

Hi guys,

So I went to Jamaica for a second time this year for a friends wedding.  I actually helped them plan their destination wedding over the course of nine months.  It was a lot of work and a lot of cussing, but we got it done and it was absolutely lovely.  The ceremony started just a little before sunset and it was perfect.  The bride and groom picked a perfect location to the start of their marriage.  Unfortunately I did not get a lot of pictures like I normal do because I was behind the scenes with the wedding coordinator helping with the reception.

Ceremony Site on the Beach

I flew from JFK to MBJ on Delta airlines.  I know many of you do not like Delta, but I have no complaints and I even up graded my seat to first class going.  I signed up for a VIP service with www.vipattractions.com. I choose Club Mobay because they offer service for Montego Bay airport.  They also have a lounge in Kingston airport.  Once you get off the plane and walk towards immigration and customs, a representative will be there with your name displayed and will fast track you through the process.  Once you are through immigration the representative takes you to pick up your luggage and then escorts you to the lounge.  In the lounge there are finger foods and you are offered a drink.  This trip I just had a Red Stripe.  The representative will help you find your transportation to your resort or hotel.  I don’t have any pictures of the lounge, but it is very clean and they have Wi-Fi.

From the moment that you walk into the Iberostar Grand resort the view is absolutely breath taking.  Everyone was extremely pleasant and welcoming and just extremely nice.  Check in was a breeze.  My room was not ready when I got there so the front desk informed me I could have lunch either on the beach at buffet or have lunch indoors at Cromwell buffet.  I decided to have lunch indoors because I traveled in jeans since it was cold in New York that morning.  They did ask did I want to change into something more comfortable, but I decline and said I would have lunch indoors.

Lobby Ceiling
Lobby Ceiling
Beach Buffet Day 2 – Lobster Tail, Jerk Pork, Peas and Rice, Steak and Shrimp Kebab, and Pineapple

Once I finished lunch I was escorted to my room and a couple of minutes later my Butler Stanley came to introduce himself to me and went over everything in the room.  Yes all rooms have Butler service.  My Butler Stanley was very sweet and very helpful to me through out my stay.  I was also able to wish him a Happy Birthday before he left for his weekend off.  The rooms are spacious and very clean.  I remember after check-in when my butler came to introduce himself to me, he told me that if I needed anything, even a bubble bath he would do.

My relaxing bubble bath

So after a long afternoon of wedding planning and a lot of walking back and forth, I asked my butler to draw me bubble bath (see above) .  It was nice and hot and relaxing and I rubbed the rose on my legs, because my legs were killing from all the back and forth I did all day long.  I was so relaxed after my bubble bath, I got a Red Stripe out of refrigerator and went on the balcony and sat on the swing.  It was the best feeling ever.  After my beer, I jumped in the shower and got ready for dinner.  The group made a reservation at the Surf & Turf.  From the appetizer the waiter recommend to my steak and lobster tail.  Everything was so fresh and buttery.  The steak melted in your mouth.  For desert I had an apple pie with cinnamon ice cream that you have to eat together. Let me tell you this, TRY IT!! Everything about it was SO GOOD.  After dinner we all just sat on the balcony outside the 24 hour bar for a little while and then we all went to the club.  The club is really good and has different theme nights.

The water was so warm

I was able to get a massage at the spa.  I got a 50 minute sports massage with Danielle I believe was her name.  ( I am sorry if I messed up your name)  For those of you who don’t know I do Muay Thai.  I had a lot of knots in my shoulder and neck.  Those are the places I knew I had them, but when she started massage I realized that the knots were in my back and legs.  She was able to get one particular knot out of my back and I instantly relaxed.  After the massage the I visited the mineral pool.  *sigh* It was so refreshing after the massage.  The whole experience was just wonderful.  I was so relaxed.



I wish I had taken more pictures, but honestly I was extremely busy helping my friends with their wedding.  It turned out to be such a beautiful ceremony and reception.  Since those moments are private to my friends I am not sharing any wedding photos with the exception of their ceremony site pictured above.  Here are a few details about the wedding:  The ceremony was at dusk and the sky was perfect.  The private reception took place in one of their open restaurants call The Port Maria and it was a buffet dinner.  The florist did an absolutely beautiful job with curtains, lights and center pieces.  None of this would have happened if it was not for Syrecka the resort wedding coordinator.  Syrecka is one of the sweetest most professional people I have ever meet.  She work with me for several months via email with the details for the wedding.  Once I meet her in person she gave me a hug like we were long lost best friends.  Syrecka and her staffed worked tirelessly with us, with all the hiccups and changes and challenges she was always there to make sure we got what we wanted.  I can’t describe how wonderful Syrecka and her staff were to the Bride and Groom and to me.  I will always remember Syrecka and her kindness to us.  Thank you!!

The Iberostar Grand Rose Hall is one of the most beautiful resorts I have ever been too.  The staff was friendly and kind and very helpful all the time.  If you want a resort for a girls trip or a romantic get away consider the Iberostar Grand in Montego, Jamaica.  You will not regret this decision.


Happy Travels Everyone!!



Favorite Beauty Products 2017 Part 1

When I started to watch You Tube I found a blogger by the name of SunKissAbla.  I am pretty sure some of you have heard or her.  She blogs about using all natural products and eating healthy.  She also shares her healthy beauty routine.  After watching her channel I decided to try some of the products she uses in creating my own beauty routine.   I am starting to slowly, but I have stuck to many of the products I am going to share for the past two years.


Dr.Bronner’s Castile Soap in Lavender scent is one of my favorites.  I have tried many of their scents but I always go back to the lavender scent. It also helps calm my muscles down after Muay Thai. A lot of people start off with the peppermint scent and I did also, but since I have always love the lavender scent.  I use this clarify my hair, brush my teeth, shower and clean.  Dr. Bronner’s is a 18 in 1 soap, so you can use it for all purposes.  In the beginning it was a little drying on my skin, but after a couple of weeks my skin return to what I consider normal.  My breakouts  are far and few in between and my skin is so much softer since I started using this product.  It is just an all around product and I love it.

I don’t wear make-up often but when I do I always wash my face with this soap.  It gets all your make-up off and sometimes I don’t use make-up remover.  I use this depending on how make-up I have on that evening.  If are trying to slowly move into more healthy skin care products, I suggest this soap.  It is just an all around natural product. (Affiliate Link)



My next favorite products are by Shea Moisture African Black Soap Collection.  The Black soap itself has such a wonderful smell.  It just smells so good.  I use this soap for my everyday facial soap.  I use this soap with a buff puff (how many of you remember buff puffs lol).  I use this every morning and night, but I only use the buff puff in the morning.  It works for me.  At night if I scrub my face I find that my face is a little red in the morning so I just use my hands just to wash off the dirt of the day.  The next Shea Moisture product I use is the African Black Soap Problem Skin Moisturizer.  I don’t use this often.  I mainly use it when I see I have breakouts and I don’t want to use an oil on my face.  This is nice an light and does  work.   I use it when I have a  breakout,  and after a couple of days they are gone.(Affiliate Link)


After I wash my face I always tone.  I use to use a lot of product with alcohol. These products would dry my face out and my face would be tight after using certain toners.  I remember years ago people use to recommend witch hazel to me, but I never bother to investigate the product.  Once I decided that I wanted to improve my skin and try more natural products I researched toners.  A bunch of different ones came up but I just decided to go with Thayers.  It is light and does not leave your skin dry.  I just put some on a cotton round after I wash my face and wipe my face and that is it.  I use the Lavender scented one of course (also because purple is my favorite color), it really does calm my skin down and it is so refreshing. (Affiliate Link)


Moringa Oil is one of favorite oils that has improved my skin 100%.  After I wash my face and use a toner I 99% use this oil.  All I do is put at least 10 drops in the palm of my hand at night and rub it into my skin.  I use this twice a day.  In the morning I mixed this oil (3 drops)  with Cetaphil Facial Moisturizer with SPF 50.  ( I am 41 so I have to use sunscreen products) Just make sure you use cold pressed oils. (Affiliate Link)



These are just a couple of my favorite beauty products right now, that I used everyday.  Enjoy!!



15 Things about me as a new blogger!

I am continuously working on my site to get it up and running, but in the mean time, I  wanted my first post to be 15 things to get to know me. I figure you guys would like to know a couple of facts about me, so here we go!

  1. I am mixed, my Mother is from Guyana and my Dad is from North Carolina.
  2. I was born and raised in Queens,NY and currently reside in Queens.
  3. I have worked in the Higher Education field since I was 17. In April of 2016 it will be 23 years.
  4. My favorite color is Purple.
  5. I still watch Scooby Doo cartoons. (Yes I know I am 40, but I can’t help it)
  6. 2015 is when I started reading blogs.
  7. I love to read.
  8. I want to race with NASCAR
  9. I must have a hot cup of tea every morning, Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall.  I don’t like coffee.
  10. I can’t stand gum popping. (LOL)
  11. I am divorced, single, and no kids.
  12. I am not good with my Mac.
  13. I am a late bloomer.
  14. I love food. (But I am a picky eater)
  15. I am still coming to terms that I am officially 40!

**My first blog site is www.journeyto402016.com. I have a few post on there that I think you will enjoy. **